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King's Corner app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 8096 ratings )
Games Entertainment Card Family
Developer: Bitpress, LLC
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.4, last update: 7 months ago
First release : 01 Feb 2011
App size: 2.2 Mb

Move over Solitaire, theres a new king of card games! King’s Corner, or Kings in the Corner, is a great game for all ages—easy to pick up and endlessly entertaining. And now, refreshed for iOS 11 and updated to support the latest and greatest devices, King’s Corner 2 is an even better experience than the original.

Play on your own with an AI that’s as challenging as you like: one to three opponents can miss moves while you’re still learning and be laser-accurate once you’ve mastered the game. Play with friends online via Game Center or in a group with our all-new pass & play mode that’s all the fun with none of the shuffling and dealing.

King’s Corner 2 features new animations and a completely redesigned interface, new achievements to give you more to work towards as you hone your skills and strategize (or just get lucky!) and, as always, it’s fully compatible with VoiceOver so players with limited or no vision are welcome.

Here’s how the game works:

Kings Corner uses the same basic rules as games like Solitaire—cards are placed in descending order and in alternating colors. A red 9 can be played on a black 10, or a black ace can be placed on a red 2.

The deck is set up with 8 spaces around the deck; four king spaces (marked with a crown) and four unmarked spaces. Youll get a new card at the beginning of every turn, and the goal of the game is to get rid of your cards first by making as many of the following types of moves as possible:

• Add a card to any existing stack

• Move a card or stack in one unmarked space to the bottom of any other card or stack. King stacks dont move, since theres nothing higher than a King.

• Start a new stack if theres an empty space on the table. Only kings can start the corner stacks, but any other card can start a stack in one of the four unmarked spots.

Pros and cons of King's Corner app for iPhone and iPad

King's Corner app good for

Im hooked! Since I started playing Kings Corner (at every opportunity!), I havent played any other solitaire games on my iPhone or my iPad. The thing I like about Kings Corner is that theres enough strategy involved to make it interesting, and make me want t try it "just one more time." The only thing I can fault is that the dev has added an annoying statistics display on the iPhone 5 that cant be turned off.
This is a great game and a great app. Has made exceptional improvements over time. Clean, easy to read and use interface. Can be a bit tricky sorting and scrolling through your hand, otherwise I have had no problems. Id recommend this to fans of the game and card and solitaire players looking for a new game. I tried other apps on the store and they werent near as good! As for the review that says hard to read orange card faces, that is an option called "Gold Royalty Cards" that you can turn off.
Kings Corner is a neat competitive card game that starts with the familiar rules of solitaire and builds it into a different game. Not only that but unlike a lot of other throw away solitaire games on the App Store, this one is slick and nice to look at. Its been a staple on my phone for years. Happy it still gets attention from the developer.
It amazes me how terribly designed so many card game apps are. I love King’s Corner as a game, but the way it’s been translated for iPads and iPhones is really stellar, and I can tell that the developer really enjoys their work. Multiplayer works really well for me (though Game Center itself has its own issues, as witnessed from other games I play), and the little details like the witty chat messages and the sound effects add the perfect touch of humor and delight. Keep up the great work!!

Some bad moments

Hard to see card (all face cards are predominantly orange) awkward to play! Normally love the game but regret buying this app.
Ive tried for months to get a multiplayer game. Not once did I succeed. I asked for help...nothing. Do not waste your $$$!
Went from 5 stars to 1. Do NOT like the update. It changed the look of the cards. I want the original back. I know you worked strenuously to update this but it is not better.
Update: Thanks for changing the volume setting! Very nicely made app. I caught on how to play this game fairly quickly and I really like it. The reason I took away 1 star though is because the app uses the ringer volume instead of the volume we set for app sounds via the + and - buttons on the side of our phone. Because of this, the sound is really loud. Id really like it if the developer could fix this so the app sounds are what we set them as, rather than what our ringer volume is set as. I like to have app sounds enabled but not when theyre that loud and I shouldntt have to sacrifice my ringer for a games sound either.
Fun and addicting. I love this game, and I recommend this to everyone.
A+ Great game! Fun for all! Thank you for the continued accessibility improvements.

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